Acts 17: 24-27 Stick Figure Scripture Memory


Photo Credit: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

You've dreamed of moments like this. You finally get that chance to have that all important conversation, the subject of God is on the table, and your friend, your family member, a complete stranger says, "I want to know."  Where do you start?

Our kids are going to be in this situation. Not only that, but the likelihood is high that their friend, family member, new acquaintance will have no idea at all who God is. Where should they start?

Paul was just waiting for his friends in Athens, when one discussion led to another, and the next thing he knew he was standing in front of a crowd who wanted to know what he thought about God. Only they had no concept of God, only gods. Their idea of deity resembled a Percy Jackson novel, not the God of the Bible. Where should Paul start?

This passage tells us where the Rabbi and Apostle Paul did start, and it's a great piece for our kids to have in their minds, ready to pull out for that ideal conversation.

Download Stick Figure Scripture Memory for Acts 17:24-27 here.

You can write in the reference in the first square, or leave it blank as a challenge.  Credit for this concept goes to Ranae Guiles. (Although her rough is much prettier than my copy!)